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ЛаволаMeetings with the Shaykh of our order are taking place near town Vyborg, 150 km from St-Petersburg : www.lavola.ru or booking.com link.

This is an opportunity for each guest to leave the city and dedicate 2-3 days to spiritual practices and development. It is also an opportunity to get some fresh air and take a break from daily routine. And  those, who haven’t been to this former Finnish town, can also take a walk around Vyborg if they wish.

How to get to Vyborg from St-Petersburg? You can travel by car or by train from Finlyandskiy vokzal (train station). Click here for time table and travel cost. “Lastochka” is a comfortable suburban electric train. It takes 1 hour 15 minutes to travel by “Lastochka”. It is a bit more expensive than normal suburban train. Normal train is a bit cheaper, but the journey is longer. You can buy tickets from the ticket office at the station just before the departure or from this website beforehand (RZD).

Usually retreat starts on Friday around 7 pm. Check in from 2 pm. Dinner at 6 pm. Saturday andSunday, two full days with 3 meals a day. Residence in comfortable houses for 4-6 people. There are 1 bedroom and living room/kitchen with sofa for two people in the house for 4. And there are two bedrooms and living room/kitchen with sofa in the house for 6 accordingly. Each house has a toilet and shower. Unfortunately there is a wi fi as well. So the full seclusion from the world is not going to happen :)

The cost of the retreat is usually specified just before the retreat, but it almost doesn’t change and last time it was 4400 roubles per person from Friday night until Sunday evening and 5400 roubles until midday Monday. Breakfast on Monday is included. End of retreat and check outMonday before 12 pm.
As always, people can request to book an appointment with the Shaykh, it is absolutely free of charge. Anyone can visit anytime, take part in meditation, speak to the Shaykh and his students.

The easiest way to get to lavola from Vyborg is by taxi. Cost is about 350-400 roubles, you can share a taxi with other people going to retreat, it will be cheaper that way.

If you have any other questions ( how to get there, how to travel with children, early check in or late check out, cost of the meals without accommodation, etc.) and you couldn’t find the information on website, please call or email the manager of the hotel. Her contact details: Natalia Gladkova +7 921 570 1429 or +7 931 210 3832, info@lavola.ru or you can also write to Oleg Podramensky, OlegPodramenskiy@gmail.com

We usually send a newsletter just before the retreat. If you wish to receive the information, please subscribe to our newsletter on the website www.sufischool.ru. We don’t send the newsletter very often, only when it’s necessary. Besides it is very effective way of informing students about all events, happening in the Order. Please note that the newsletter is in Russian.

You can always find actual timetable of the Shaykh’s visits and retreats on website www.sufischool.ru in the news column on the right hand side. Information is renewed according to the Shaykh’s timetable.

Please send this information and invite everyone who might be interested.

We are looking forward to meeting you all.